Does your programme delivery team need future-proofing?

Coaching is essential to ensuring project leads are engaged, successful and have the skills necessary to meet the current and future challenges presented delivering project outcomes.

At Leading Outcomes we have developed a customisable approach to coaching that matches your needs to support the successful delivery of major programmes. Our offer ensures that you leverage the existing knowledge in programme delivery, builds capabilities and skills in programme leads and supports sustainable successful delivery of the portfolio.

As the discipline and capabilities of project management increase in organisations there is a growing need to ensure capability is continually developed and knowledge of how to deliver successfully is shared. On-going capability development and knowledge transfer are two of the key elements that will ensure successful delivery in the future.


Developing Capabilities & Mentoring

At Leading Outcomes we have addressed these through a structured coaching and mentoring programme that combines our coaching excellence and our track record of programme delivery to provide an integrated programme of coaching and mentoring to project and programme leaders.  This provides additional support and development to leaders of projects that will in turn help ensure successful outcomes for these initiatives as well as develop the skills and capabilities of project leads.

This unique blend is provided through Coaching Clinics that provide confidential, tailor-made coaching and mentoring in a private setting that helps coachee’s address challenges, defuse problems and develop their skills so they are able to deal with situations more effectively in the future.

Benefits and Outcome

  • Coaching is a valuable way of building skills and capabilities to support the successful delivery of projects, now and in the future
  • Delivers a consistency of coaching across the portfolio and the ability to highlight areas of best practice, capability gaps and opportunities to improve portfolio performance
  • Working with an independent coach who has a deep knowledge of successful project delivery in major global organisations
  • Provides in house help to facilitate the resolution of challenges and issues arising in the delivery of the portfolio
  • Access to a Programme Director and coach who can blend delivery experience with mentoring and coaching to facilitate the development of leaders of projects
  • Creates an environment to facilitate corrective action, performance improvement and fine‐tuning of professional development
  • Help project managers consider different ways of engaging with business owners, sponsors and stakeholders to get better outcomes for your organisation
  • Allows project managers to identify their development needs which can feed into their Personal Development Plans
  • Promotes a greater awareness of cross functional & regional relationships and impacts