Executive & Business Coaching - Leading Outcomes Ltd
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Executive & Business Coaching

Guiding and supporting you in realising your potential

Do you need help setting the goals for success at work and home?

People look to coaches for various reasons. If you want to achieve your life goals or aspirations, overcome phobias, build confidence, change deep seated beliefs, or decrease stress then we advise that you engage with our Coaching programme.

Coaching is a two-way process. We facilitate the learning and development of individuals leading to a change in behaviour or way of thinking. This unlocks peoples’ potential, enabling them to maximise their own performance and achieve their goals.

Business & Executive Coaching

Our Approach

There are many ways that a coach can help you, our approach aims to:

  • help you achieve your goals and objectives
  • help you explore all possibilities
  • work in a holistic way
  • create an environment to facilitate corrective action, performance
  • improvement and fine‐tune professional development
  • provide a safe environment in which to facilitate change
  • not be judgemental and will remain impartial

Benefits of Coaching

  • Enables you to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Is a valuable way of building skills and capabilities
  • Helps you consider different ways of engaging with people
  • Allows you to identify personal development needs and start to address them

Mentoring and Counselling; how they differ from coaching


  • Is a process to help an individual overcome a specific, often traumatic situation such as a bereavement or divorce
  • The counsellor’s role is to help them come to terms with the situation and to rebuild their life to the same or better state than before


  • Is a process to help an individual grow with the guidance, nurturing and encouragement of someone who has already achieved the mentees aspirations
  • The mentor manages a mutually respectful relationship and works with the mentee to address their specific learning needs